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Our Technologies

We develop immersive audio technologies for content creators

Acoustic Source Seperation

Our patented and patent pending source separation technologies allow you to capture each source in your recording separately.

Microphone arrays

Our patented and patent pending microphone array technologies give you unprecedented spatial fidelity.

Artificial reverberation

Our patented artificial reverberation and room acoustic simulation technology allows you to overlay different acoustic environments on your recordings.

Virtual Recording Technology

Our virtual recording technology allows you to emulate classic microphones in standard near-coincident stereophonic setups.

Audio Object Extraction

Our OBA tool relies on our source separation technologies but can also extract directions and distances of objects in a recorded scene.

braud.io team

braud.io in an audio technology company based in Ankara and London. We are working to give you tools to streamline your content creation workflows.

Huseyin Hacihabiboglu

Huseyin Hacihabiboglu


Huseyin has been actively innovating in the field of audio technology for 19 years. Apart from being a co-founder in braud.io he also doubles as an associate professor of signal processing teaching and doing research on all things audio and acoustics.

Zoran Cvetkovic

Zoran Cvetkovic


Zoran is a world-class expert on signal processing and has worked extensively on spatial audio both during his time in industry at AT&T Labs, and in the academia at UC Berkeley, Harvard, and as a professor at King’s College London.

Enzo De Sena

Enzo De Sena


Enzo is a researcher of all things audio including not only technology R&D but also user testing. He has developed some of the foundational libraries that we use here at braud.io. Enzo is also a lecturer at IoSR, the top audio research centre in Europe.

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